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P.F. Sloan The Moon Is Stone / The Night The Trains Broke Down

Pacific Gas & Electric Motor City's Burning

Pan Lady Of The Sand

Pan & Regaliz Dead Of Love

Parish Hall How Can You Win

Patrick Sky Who Am I

Patterson & Pults Summer Daze / Though You're So Far Away

Patto Hold Your Fire / You, You Point Your Finger

Paul & Georgia Bald Mountain

Paul Butterfield Blues Band Buried Alive In The Blues / Driftin' And Driftin' / I Got A Mind To Give Up Living / Our Love Is Drifting / Small Town Talk

Paul Geremia Elegant Hobo / She Is As She Does

Paul Levinson Forever Friday

Paul McCartney Band On The Run / Junk / Silly Love Songs

Paul Mowbray Time To Time

Paul Parrish White Birds (Return To Warm Seas)

Paul Simon Duncan

Paul Williams So Many People

Paul & Greg Portland Town

Pavlo V A Memory To Forget

Pavlov's Dog Mersey / Song Dance

Peacepipe I Can Never Take Your Dreams Away

Peanut Butter Conspiracy I'm A Fool

Pearl Jam Alive / Footsteps / Jeremy / Last Kiss / Once / Yellow Ledbetter

Pearls Before Swine Once Upon A Time

People I Love You

Pep Laguarda & Tapineria Una Paura

Percewood's Onagram Grey Sunday / High In The Sky

Perth County Conspiracy If You Can Wait

Petards, The The Dream

Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments Station Song

Pete Brown & Piblokto! Aeroplane Head Woman

Pete Dello Harry The Earwig / It's What You've Got

Pete McCabe Magic Box

Pete Ham Just Look Inside The Cover / Without You

Pete Seeger Ariran

Peter Allen What Difference Does It Make

Peter Gabriel Here Comes The Flood

Peter Gallway Decidedly Fun

Peter Green A Fool No More

Peter Hammill The Birds

Peter Kelley He Could Never Feel

Peter Sarstedt Blagged

Phafner Overdrive

Phantasia I Talk To The Moon

Phantom Half A Life

Phil Everly Snowflake Bombardier

Phil Trainer Beautiful Jim

Phoebe Snow At Last

Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall / Green Is The Colour / If / The Red Queen Theme (Take Two) / Wish You Were Here

Pirana Thinking Of You

Pisces If The Truth Be Known

Pixies Hey / Wave Of Mutilation / Where Is My Mind

Plastic Penny Hound Dog

Poco Angel / Bad Weather / I Can See Everything / Magnolia

Port O'Brien Oslo Campfire

Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over

Pretty Things, The Belfast Cowboys / Bruise In The Sky / Grass / October 26 / Sun

Procol Harum Cerdes (Outside Of The Gates Of) / Shine On Brightly / A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Prudence 14 Pages

Public Nuisance Gotta Survive

Purple Gang, The The Wizard

Purple Overdose Reborn

Pussy All Of My Life

Python Lee Jackson The Blues / In A Broken Dream

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