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P.F. Sloan The Moon Is Stone / The Night The Trains Broke Down / On Top Of A Fence

Pacific Gas & Electric Motor City's Burning

Pajaro Alberto y Conjunto Sacrosaurio Adonde Tu Vayas

Pan Lady Of The Sand

Pan & Regaliz Dead Of Love

Parish Hall How Can You Win

Patrick Sky Who Am I

Patterson & Pults Summer Daze / Though You're So Far Away

Patto Hold Your Fire / You, You Point Your Finger

Paul & Georgia Bald Mountain

Paul Brett's Sage Autumn

Paul Butterfield Blues Band Buried Alive In The Blues / Driftin' And Driftin' / I Got A Mind To Give Up Living / Our Love Is Drifting / Small Town Talk

Paul Geremia Elegant Hobo / She Is As She Does

Paul Lauzon Start Again

Paul Levinson Forever Friday

Paul McCartney Band On The Run / Junk / Silly Love Songs

Paul Mowbray Time To Time

Paul Parrish White Birds (Return To Warm Seas)

Paul Roland Jumbee

Paul Simon Duncan / Run That Body Down

Paul Williams So Many People

Paul & Greg Portland Town

Pavlo V A Memory To Forget

Pavlov's Dog Mersey / Song Dance

Pavol Hammel & Prudy Vietor Nema Kam Ist

Peacepipe I Can Never Take Your Dreams Away

Peanut Butter Conspiracy I'm A Fool

Pearl Jam Alive / Footsteps / Jeremy / Last Kiss / Once / Yellow Ledbetter

Pearls Before Swine Once Upon A Time

People I Love You

Pep Laguarda & Tapineria Una Paura

Percewood's Onagram Grey Sunday / High In The Sky

Perth County Conspiracy If You Can Wait

Petards, The Baby / The Dream

Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments Station Song

Pete Brown & Piblokto! Aeroplane Head Woman

Pete Dello Harry The Earwig / It's What You've Got

Pete McCabe Magic Box

Pete Ham Just Look Inside The Cover / Without You

Pete Seeger Ariran

Peter Allen What Difference Does It Make

Peter Bardens The Answer

Peter Chalmers Robin

Peter Gabriel Here Comes The Flood

Peter Gallway Decidedly Fun

Peter Green A Fool No More

Peter Hammill The Birds

Peter Kelley He Could Never Feel

Peter Sarstedt Blagged

Phafner Overdrive

Phantasia I Talk To The Moon

Phantom Half A Life

Phil Everly Snowflake Bombardier

Phil Potter The Restorer

Phil Trainer Beautiful Jim

Phoebe Snow At Last

Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall / Green Is The Colour / If / The Red Queen Theme (Take Two) / Wish You Were Here

Pirana Thinking Of You

Pisces If The Truth Be Known

Pixies Hey / Wave Of Mutilation / Where Is My Mind

Plastic Penny Hound Dog

Poco Angel / Bad Weather / I Can See Everything

Pompeo Stillo & The Companions He Was A Guitar Player And Now Plays Machinegun In Vietnam

Port O'Brien Oslo Campfire

Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over

Pretty Things, The Belfast Cowboys / Bruise In The Sky / Grass / October 26 / Sun

Procol Harum Cerdes (Outside Of The Gates Of) / Shine On Brightly / A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Prudence 14 Pages

Public Nuisance Gotta Survive

Purple Gang, The The Wizard

Purple Overdose Reborn

Pussy All Of My Life

Python Lee Jackson The Blues / In A Broken Dream

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