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Abner Jay I'm So Depressed

Adam Miller Get Back On The Hill

Afterglow Mend This Heart Of Mine

Ainslie & Morgan The Ballad Of A Man

Al Anderson Be My Woman Tonight

Al Kooper As The Years Go Passing By / Bury My Body / I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Lookin' For A Home

Al Manfredi I Don't Live Today

Al Stewart Carol / The Dark And The Rolling Sea / Old Compton Street Blues

Alabama Dixieland Delight

Alan Hull Blue Murder / Drug Song / I Hate To See You Cry

Alan Munson Lost The Reason To Fight

Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue

Albert Collins Cold Cold Feeling / My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me

Albert King I'll Play The Blues For You

Albrecht & Roley Jenny

Alex Bevan Two Man Carnival Show

Alex Harvey Anthem / Delilah / Hammer Song / Roman Wall Blues

Alexander Ebert Truth

Alexander Skip Spence War In Peace

Alice Cooper Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Alice Island Band, The She's An Island

Allan Taylor Cain / The City / Get Down (The Proud And Noble Savage) / Sometimes

Allan Wachs Anna Lena / Adventures Of The Invisible Dog

Allman Brothers Band Black Hearted Woman / Just Ain't Easy / Soulshine / Whipping Post

Altona Cocopus

Alun Davies Market Place

Alvin Lee The Bluest Blues / So Sad

Amboy Dukes Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Ambrose Slade Pity The Mother

Ambrosia Holdin' On To Yesterday

America A Horse With No Name / Inspector Mills / Lonely People / Sandman

American Dream, The I Ain't Searching

Amor, El Everybody Help Me

Amory Kane Get Together

Ancient Grease Odd Song

Andreas Thomopoulos This Weight

Andrew I Love You

Andrew Bird Sisyphus

Andwella's Dream Hold On To Your Mind / Reason For Living / Shades Of Grey

Andy Bown Oh James

Andy Pratt All The King's Weight

Andy Robinson The Exhibition

Andy Zwerling Knife Man

Angus & Julia Stone Wasted

Animals, The Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Ant Trip Ceremony Four In The Morning

Aorta Strange

Aphrodite's Child The Four Horsemen / Let Me Love, Let Me Live

Apple Sporting Life

Arbuckle Try Again / Wondering Why

Arco Iris Sudamerica O El Regreso A La Aurora

Argent God Gave Rock & Roll To You / Hold Your Head Up / Stepping Stone

Arlo Guthrie Days Are Short / Coming Into Los Angeles

Armageddon (UK) Silver Tightrope

Armageddon (US) Armageddon Theme

Armand Ben Ik Te Min

Arrogance Pirates, Princes & Kings

Ars Nova And How Am I To Know

Art Of Lovin' Take A Ride

Arthur Brown The Hymn / Nightmare / Sunrise

Artwoods, The Stop And Think It Over

Ashkan Backlash Blues

Asian Dub Foundation Buzzin'

Asoka Leave Me

Atomic Rooster All Across The Country

Audience I Had A Dream / You're Not Smiling

Aum A Little Help From You

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Downhearted

Aztec Two-Step Killing Me / Prisoner / Ballad Of Humpty Dumpty And Cinderella / Olga

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