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A To Austr What Did You Go

Ache We Can Work It Out

Afterglow Mend This Heart Of Mine

Al Anderson Be My Woman Tonight

Al Garrett Sail On

Al Kooper As The Years Go Passing By / Bury My Body / I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Lookin' For A Home /

Al Stewart Carol / The Dark And The Rolling Sea / Old Compton Street Blues

Alabama Dixieland Delight

Alan Hull I Hate To See You Cry / Blue Murder / Drug Song

Alan Munson Lost The Reason To Fight

Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue / Eye In The Sky / Old And Wise / Time

Albatross I Don't Know Your Name

Albert Collins Cold Cold Feeling / My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me

Albert King I'll Play The Blues For You

Albrecht & Roley Jenny

Alex Harvey Anthem / Delilah / Hammer Song / Roman Wall Blues

Alexander Ebert Truth

Alexander Skip Spence War In Peace

Alice Cooper Ballad Of Dwight Fry / I Never Cry / You And Me

Allan Taylor Cain / The City / Get Down (The Proud And Noble Savage) / Sometimes

Allman Brothers Band Black Hearted Woman / Just Ain't Easy / Soulshine / Whipping Post

Alun Davies Market Place

Alvin Lee The Bluest Blues / So Sad

Amboy Dukes Baby, Please Don't Go / Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Ambrose Slade Pity The Mother

Ambrosia Holdin' On To Yesterday

America A Horse With No Name / Inspector Mills / Lonely People / Sandman

American Dream, The I Ain't Searching

Amor, El Everybody Help Me

Amory Kane Get Together

Ancient Grease Odd Song

Andreas Thomopoulos This Weight

Andrew I Love You

Andwella's Dream Reason For Living / Shades Of Grey

Andy Bown Oh James

Andy Zwerling Knife Man

Angus & Julia Stone Wasted

Animals, The Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / For Miss Caulker / New York 1963 - America 1968 / Year Of The Guru

Annihilator Road To Ruin

Ant Trip Ceremony Four In The Morning

Aorta Strange

Aphrodite's Child The Four Horsemen / Let Me Love, Let Me Live

Apocalipsis Try It

Apple Sporting Life

Arbuckle Try Again / Wondering Why

Arch Enemy Silverwing

Argent Dance In The Smoke / God Gave Rock & Roll To You / Hold Your Head Up / Stepping Stone

Arlo Guthrie Days Are Short / Coming Into Los Angeles

Armageddon (UK) Silver Tightrope

Armageddon (US) Armageddon Theme

Armand Ben Ik Te Min

Arrogance Pirates, Princes & Kings

Ars Nova And How Am I To Know

Art Of Lovin' Hang On To A Dream / Take A Ride

Arthur Brown The Hymn / Nightmare / Sunrise

Artwoods, The Stop And Think It Over

Ashkan Backlash Blues

Asian Dub Foundation Buzzin'

Asoka Leave Me

Atomic Rooster All Across The Country / Banstead / Broken Wings / Winter

Audience You're Not Smiling

Aum A Little Help From You

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Downhearted

Aztec Two-Step Killing Me / Prisoner / Ballad Of Humpty Dumpty And Cinderella / Olga

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