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Artist : Grin
Album : Gone Crazy (1973)
Track : Boy & Girl

Artist : Michael Deacon
Album : Runnin' In The Meadow (1975)
Track : Life In The Breeze

Øystein Sunde

Ikke Bare Tyll (1974)

Hjemme Igjen



Don't Try To Fool Me - Johann G. Johannsson

All Over You - The McCoys

The Night The Trains Broke Down - P.F. Sloan

When Love Past You By - Victor Paul & William Ricketts

If You Go To Rome - The Solid British Hat Band

Drag Queen Blues - Richard Digance

Gypsy Woman - Brian Hyland

Gypsy - Morning Dew

Sammy's Song - David Bromberg

The Wolves - Mandolin Orange


Three Pick-Ups - Lobo

Three Today - Michael Franks

Tibet's Suzettes - Traffic Sound

Tight Rope - Leon Russell

Time Of The Season - The Zombies

Time Waits For No One - The Rolling Stones

Timeless - Badfinger

Tin Pan Alley - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Tiny Goddess - Nirvana

Tired Of Waiting - The Flock

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