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Artist : Rick Neufeld
Album : Prairie Dog (1974)
Track : Nothing Changes But The Seasons

Artist : Gilberto Gil
Album : Gilberto Gil (1971)
Track : One O'clock Last Morning, 20th April 1970

Peter Campbell

Across The Border (1980)

No More High


She's A Bird - Country Joe & The Fish

O For Summer - Clive Palmer

Apartment Twenty One - John Buck Wilkin

Look At The Time Fly - John Phillips

Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over - Press...

That Shocking Shaking Day - Ivo's Group

Bald Mountain - Paul & Georgia

On The Line - New Celeste

Una Paura - Pep Laguarda & Tapineria

Paper Rain - Eddie Callahan


Big Mouth Strikes Again - The Smiths

Biography - Chris Rohmann

Birds, The - Peter Hammill

Bless Me Miss America - Sam Neely

Blonde On Blonde - Nada Surf

Blue Collar - Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Blue-Eyed Boy - Fergus

Booker - Harry Connick Jr.

Bored As Butterscotch - Mike McGear

Boy & Girl - Grin

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