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Artist : Terry Jacks
Album : Seasons In The Sun (1973)
Track : It's Been There From The Start

Artist : Congreso
Album : Terra Incognita (1975)
Track : Tus Ojitos

Herman De Bruycker

Herman De Bruycker (1976)

De Torenwachter


Nebraska Widow - John Stewart & Bufy Ford

A Love That's Worth Having - Willie Hutch

The Ballad Of A Man - Ainslie & Morgan

Nearer To Thee - Franz Scheurer & Murray Hinder

Black Hat Saloon - Rusty Wier

Hold On To Your Mind - Andwella

Harlan Fair - Gary & Stu

Not Yet - Illusion

Move With The Dawn - Mark Eric

Beautiful People - Kenny O'Dell


Confessin' The Blues - The Rolling Stones

Confessions Of A Mind - The Hollies

Copperline - James Taylor

Cortez The Killer - Neil Young

Countdown To Extinction - Megadeth

Country House - Blur

Cover Of The Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

Cover Story - Jamie DeFrates

Cowboy Movie - David Crosby

Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young

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