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Artist : David Buskin
Album : David Buskin (1972)
Title : The Winter Comes

Artist : Joe Simon
Album : Better Than Ever (1969)
Title : In The Ghetto

ƴϾ (1971)



The Ball Game - Sister Wynona Carr

Another Sleep Song - Graham Nash

Quiet Talks And Summer Walks - Bonzo Dog Band

I Am Pegasus - Ross Ryan

It's Not Impossible - Ben Sollee

Magic Box - Pete McCabe

Last Night I Had A Dream - Randy Newman

I've Been Lonely For So Long - Hazmat Modine

Uggy's Song - Kevin Coyne

Over The Hill - John Martyn


Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Old Man - Neil Young

Old Man River - Lone Star

Old Times Good Times - Stephen Stills

Omega Day - Bill Fay

On A River Boat - Jonas & Einar

On My Way Again - Michael Chapman

On My Way Home - It Flew Away

On The Beach - Neil Young

On Your Way Down - Little Feat

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