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Artist : Smith, Perkins & Smith
Album : Smith, Perkins & Smith (1972)
Track : In The Aftermath

Artist : Graham Nash
Album : Wild Tales (1973)
Track : Hey You (Looking At The Moon)

Milt Matthews Inc.

For The People (1971)

Runaway People


Mr. Armageddon - Locomotive

Fire By The River - Harumi

I Kan Ikke Slå Os Ihjel - Det Internationale Sigøjner Kompagni

Talking Big Apple '75 - Loudon Wainwright III

Let A Young Man Cry - Squeezer

Little Rivers - Bill LaBounty

Sold Down The River - String Driven Thing

Paris, You're In Paris - Jimmy Campbell

Jumbee - Paul Roland

Fazon - Sopwith Camel


Dyers Eve - Metallica

Dying River, The - Freeman & Lange

Early In The Morning - My Indole Ring

Earth Free - Conderti, Morreale & Dibley

Eartheart - Kenny Rankin

Easy Come, Easy Go - Rory Gallagher

Easy Tonight - Five For Fighting

Eddie - TNT

Elaine - Norman Haines Band

Eleanor - McKay

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