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Artist : Tide
Album : Almost Live (1971)
Track : The Lunatic(s)

Artist : Gilbert O'Sullivan
Album : Himself (1971)
Track : Too Much Attention

George & Beatovens

Kolotoc Svet (1970)

Odkud Asi Chodí Vítr


Hello Hans - Tony Capstick with Hedgehog Pie

Meet Me On The Highway - Breakdown

If You Can Wait - Perth County Conspiracy

Roger The Rocket Ship - Markley

Ride - Jamie DeFrates

My Delicate Skin - Dave Cartwright

Truckstop Salvation - Jimmy Buffett

Super Plastic Club - Metropolis

Two Man Carnival Show - Alex Bevan

The Kitchen Floor Waltz - Dan Lewis


Workshop - Hunger

Yankee Johnny - Miguel Rios

Year Of The Guru - Eric Burdon & The Animals

Yellow Book - McGough & McGear

Yesterday - Lightyears Away

You Are The World / Just About Time - Tully

You Changed My Way Of Living - Beefeaters

You Don't Know Me - Caetano Veloso

You, You Point Your Finger - Patto

You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators

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