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Artist : Barry Greenfield
Album : Blue Sky (1973)
Track : Sweet America

Artist : Laghonia
Album : EtCetera (1971)
Track : Lonely People

Wim De Craene

Wim De Craene (1973)

De Rechter En De Landloper


Peaches - Fergus Hambleton

Why Red - Ofarim & Winter

Laid Back Day - Byron Berline & Sundance

Away From The Sand - Bev Pegg

Cantiga Do Desemprego - Fausto

Nuvem Passageira - Hermes Aquino

She's An Island - The Alice Island Band

If We Only Have Love - Dion

Resignation - Winston George

On The Natural - Hoyt Axton


Circus - String Driven Thing

Citified Woman - Joint Effort

City, The - Allan Taylor

City Life - Harry Nilsson

City Life - Steve Tilston

City Lights - Flamin' Groovies

City Ways - James Hendricks

Civil War - Guns N' Roses

Climb Up On My Music - Rodriguez

Closing Time - Mary Asquith

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