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Artist : Great Djeli
Album : Great Djeli (1981)
Track : We'll Laugh Again

Artist : Doc Holiday
Album : Lady Free (1980)
Track : Run Like A River

Peter Thom

Peter Thom (1972)

Know You Well


Eartheart - Kenny Rankin

Down The Mountain Blind - Kaarst

Mariposa - Gerry O'Kane

We're All We've Got - Jake Holmes

Sixty Miles Too Far - Splinter

Jenny - Albrecht & Roley

Tell The World To Go Away - Brian Cadd

Whose Garden Was This - Tom Paxton

Alone In L.A. - Stan Moeller

Try Again - Arbuckle


Sometimes - Allan Taylor

Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired - Traffic

Sometimes I Think About - Blues Magoos

Song Dance - Pavlov's Dog

Song For You, A - Leon Russell

Song In The Breeze - Outlaws

Song Of A Sinner - Top Drawer

Song Of Crazy Horse, The J. D. Blackfoot

Song To Feel Alive, A - Lucio Battisti

Song To The Sirens - Snow

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