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Artist : Mike Heron
Album : Smiling Men With Bad Reputations (1971)
Track : Flowers Of The Forest

Artist : The Drovers
Album : Beyond The Blue (1989)
Track : City By The Bay

Romuald & Roman

Nagrania Radiowe Z Lat 1968-1976
(compilation, 2007)

Jak Dwie Rzeki


Sudamerica O El Regreso A La Aurora - Arco Iris

Undun - The Guess Who

John Trethowan - Jason David

Country Comfort - Wizz Jones

What's Hidden There? - Svanfridur

Something You Can't Explain - The Eksen Trick Brick Band

The Lady In Waiting - David Werner

Many Tribesmen - Northwind

Lady Eleanor - Lindisfarne

Lost / What A Day - Mongrel


Ferris Wheel - Jim Manley

Ferryman, The - Happy & Artie Traum

Fever - Otis Waygood Blues Band

Ficciones - Los Vidrios Quebrados

Fifteen Summers - Gallagher & Lyle

Fighting Line, The - John Mayall

Final Song - Under Milkwood

Find Me - Colin Hare

Find Out Why - Mystic Siva

First Time I Met The Blues - Chicken Shack

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