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Artist : Hod + Marc
Album : Hod + Marc (1972)
Track : You Can Talk To Me

Artist : Tommy Flanders
Album : The Moonstone (1969)
Track : Since You've Been Gone

Peter Campbell

Across The Border (1980)

No More High


Route 66 - Bob McKenna & Stash

City Scenes - Bob Lind

Whatcha Gonna Do - Don Crawford

Life Is Just A Tire Swing - Jimmy Buffett

So Good To See You - Norm Hacking

Brother Song - Greenwood, Curlee & Clyde

Earth Free - Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley

Colorado - Onion

Hometown - Elliott Murphey

Nothing Changes But The Seasons - Rick Neufeld


Brand New Key - Melanie

Bright Eyes - Illusion

Brother Booze - Muskee

Buddy - Mahogany Rush

Burn The Flames - Roky Erickson

Buried Alive In The Blues - Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Bury My Body - Al Kooper & Shuggie Otis

Bus Stop - The Hollies

By The Way - Fred

By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks

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