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Artist : Peter Gallway
Album : Peter Gallway (1972)
Title : Decidedly Fun

Artist : Billy Stewart
Album : Billy Stewart Teaches Old Standards New Tricks (1967)
Title : Moonlight In Vermont

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April Lady - Southern Comfort

Faces - Ergo Sum

Non-Stop's Blues - Bill Jerpe

Shadows - Ron Davies

Me Without You - Kenny Young

Open Your Eyes - Bill LaBounty

Pride - Joe Egan

Cry, Sing And Laugh - Jim Pulte

Midwest Farm Disaster - Bob Martin

I Love - Larry Groce


People Deceive - Spiders

Perfection - Badfinger

Phase II - Mary Butterworth

Piece Of My Heart - Big Brother & The Holding Company

Pity The Mother - Ambrose Slade

Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones

Pleasant Street - Tim Buckley

P.N.S. (When You Come Around) - The Illinois Speed Press

Polly - Dillard & Clark

Poortoun - Jackie Leven

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