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Artist : Bruce Cockburn
Album : Sunwheel Dance (1971)
Title : Fall

Artist : Jack Grunsky
Album : Newborn Man (1971)
Title : Sunrise


4 (1981)



What Difference Does It Make - Peter Allen
Decidedly Fun - Peter Gallway
Moonlight In Vermont - Billy Stewart

April Lady - Southern Comfort

Faces - Ergo Sum

Non-Stop's Blues - Bill Jerpe

Shadows - Ron Davies

Open Your Eyes - Bill LaBounty

Pride - Joe Egan

Cry, Sing And Laugh - Jim Pulte


Positively 4th Street - Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia

Postcards Of Scarborough - Michael Chapman

Power Of Love, The - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Praise To Our Basement - Elonkorjuu

Prayer - Krokodil

Praying For Reprieve - Harsh Reality

Pretender, The - Jackson Browne

Prisoner - Aztec Two-Step

Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking, The - Roger Waters

Psychotic Reaction - Count Five

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