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I Am Kloot Avenue Of Hope

I Drive Before The Devil

IBIS Dedicated To Janis Joplin

Ida Cox Wild Women (Don't Have The Blues)

Impellitteri Cross To Bear / Rat Race

Ill Wind Dark World

Illinois Speed Press, The P.N.S. (When You Come Around) / The Visit

Illusion Bright Eyes

Illusion (Hawaii) The Lake

Improved Sound Limited Shining Brightly In The Sun / Suicide Road

In Flames Artifacts Of The Black Rain

Indecent Obsession Fixing A Broken Heart

Irish Coffee I'm Alive

Iron Butterfly Belda-Beast / In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / So-Lo / Soldier In Our Town / Termination

It Flew Away On My Way Home

It's A Beautiful Day Girl With No Eyes / Wasted Union Blues

It's All Meat Crying Into The Deep Lake

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