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The Visit
- The Illinois Speed Press -

Duet (1970)


My watch said it was a quarter to two
But it was really good and close to four
I've been gone
from my baby for so damn long
I was afraid to be alone anymore

Well the streets were all deserted
And the rain it began to fall
Well I lay my head down easy
When somebody knocked at the door

Well I don't know who am I expecting
But it was nothing I had bargained for
There stood the devil
at the foot of my bed
And I fell out on the floor

Well his skin was the color of fire
And his voice was like a lion's roar
He said you not must
see your baby again
Cause you ain't going home anymore

Well your telephone call saved me
I awakened by the bell
And it ain't the first time baby
And you saved this man from hell


내 시계로는 2시 15분전이었지만
실제로는 거의 4시가 돼가고 있었어
그녀와 떨어져 지낸지가
너무도 오래 되었지
이대로 홀로 지내야 하는게 두려웠어

거리는 쥐 죽은 듯 인적 없고
빗방울이 떨어지기 시작했어
내가 고개를 푹 떨구었을 때
누군가 문을 두드렸지

누구인지는 모르지만
내가 기다리던 사람은 아냐
악마가 서 있었고
나는 바닥에 나뒹굴었어

악마의 살갗은 타오르듯 붉었고
목소리는 사자의 포효 같았어
악마가 내게 말하길
나는 집에 돌아가지 못할테니
다시 그녀를 만나선 안 된다고 했어

그 때 전화가 날 살렸지
전화 소리에 잠에서 깨어 났어
당신이 지옥으로부터 날 구해준 게
이번이 처음은 아니야

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