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The Ballad Of A Man
- Ainslie & Morgan -

Highway To The Wind (1974)


Come drink your bottle of wine my friend
If it makes you feel alright
But don't ask too many questions
Because I'm afraid I might answer you
What would you do?

Well you sit there in your easy chair
You don't give a damn or even care
And you wonder why it happens to you
If I tell you now what would you do?

A fortuneteller friend of mine
sat down with me one day
And told me all the good things
that were going to come my way
I didn't say anything

Well I wondered what good fortunes
any one man could ever bring
As they say in the story books
words don't mean a thing

Well it's time for me to go my friends
I'm feeling very tired
And I know you didn't listen
But at least you sat there
and smiled for a while
But that's your style

And I know you'll never understand
That's not the way it's all been planned
And who will give you
your reasons next
I don't know what do you expect

And people why don't you slow down
Look around you


친구, 와서 와인 한 병 마셔
그래서 기분이 좋아진다면 말이야
하지만 질문은 너무 많이 하지 마
대답할까 봐 두렵거든
어떡할 거야?

넌 안락의자에 앉아서
전혀 신경 쓰지 않으면서
네가 왜 이렇게 됐는지 궁금해하지
지금 내가 말해주면 어떨까?

점쟁이 친구가
어느 날 옆에 앉아서
앞으로 내게 다가올
좋을 일들을 말해줬어
난 아무 말도 하지 않았어

과연 누구 한 사람이라도
행운을 가져다줄까 궁금했어
동화책에 쓰여 있듯이
말은 아무 의미 없어

친구, 나 이제 갈 시간이야
많이 피곤해
넌 내 말을 듣지 않았지만
적어도 거기 앉아서
잠깐 웃어주기라도 했지
그게 네 스타일이지

알아, 넌 절대 이해 못하겠지
다 계획대로 되는 건 아냐
다음에는 누가 너에게
이유를 말해줄까
네가 뭘 기대하는지 모르겠어

사람들아, 제발 진정하고
주위를 좀 둘러봐

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