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Whose Garden Was This
- Tom Paxton -

Tom Paxton 6 (1970)


Whose garden was this?
It must have been lovely
Did it have flowers?
I've seen pictures of flowers
And I'd love to have smelled one

Whose river was this?
You say it ran freely
Blue was its color
I've seen blue in some pictures
And I'd love to have been there

Tell me again
I need to know
The forests had trees
The meadows were green
The oceans were blue
And birds really flew
Can you swear that was true?

Whose gray sky was this?
Or was it a blue one?
At night there were breezes
I've heard records of breezes
And you tell me you felt one


이건 누구의 정원이었나요
예뻤을 것 같아요
꽃도 피었나요
꽃 사진 본 적 있어요
향기를 맡아 보고 싶어요

이건 누구의 강이었나요
강물이 자유롭게 흘렀다죠
색깔은 파랗고요
어떤 사진에서 파란색 본 적 있어요
한번 가보고 싶어요

또 말해줘요
알고 싶어요
숲에는 나무가 자라고
초원은 푸르고
바다는 파랗고
새들이 진짜 날아다니는 게
정말 사실이란 말인가요

이건 누구의 잿빛 하늘이었나요
파란 하늘이었나요
밤에는 산들바람이 불었다는데
수 없이 들어는 봤어요
당신은 그 바람을 느껴봤다죠

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