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Round And Round
- Tennent & Morrison -

Tennent & Morrison (1972)


I'm here in this room
full of your half lit faces
All the lips moving all eager to speak
I think I will leave
I have nothing to offer
Nothing but pictures

There's words all around me
But none of them lit
They all make excuses for living at all
I don't see the point
of just talking and talking
I'd rather say nothing at all

And it's round and round
with your ups and your downs
Conquering mountains
or so it would seem
And you're sad you're glad
and there's so much to talk about
It doesn't much matter to me

Do you remember the plans
that we talked about?
Do you remember the games?
It seems to me some of us
got lost along the way
What's left of all that's today


반쯤 보이는 당신 얼굴로
가득찬 이 방
말하고 싶어 안달난 입술
난 떠날래
당신에게 줄 건
사진밖에 없어

단어는 맴도는데
딱히 할 말은 없어
변명거리는 되겠지
계속 이야기 해야할
이유를 모르겠어
차라리 아무 말 안 할래

당신 감정 기복은
끝이 없어
산을 정복한 것 같다가
그래 보이기도 하고
슬펐다가 기뻤다가
말하자면 끝도 없어
난 신경 끌래

우리가 얘기했던 계획
우리가 함께했던 것들
기억 나?
우리 중 누군가
길을 잃어 버린 것 같아
그렇게 남은 게 오늘이야

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