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The Lunatic(s)
- Tide -

Almost Live (1971)


From a third story window
I watched his escape
The lunatic was loose
And his keeper's given chase

I could see that he was crazy
You could see it in his eyes
The children ran and hid
Cause they were fearful of his cry

The lunatic was running
Trying to find a place to go
The people running after him
And if they caught him
Boy, they'd show him

One man stopped
And caught his breath
And call the man in blue
Cause with a lunatic at large
No telling what he do yeah

The lunatic is loose
And the sane men have to hide
Cause they know the things they say
he's done the good folks can't abide

Cops came in, joined the chase
They had him cornered now
The lunatic was trembling
With his head and shoulder bowed

But the good folks all moved in on him
And stomped him to his grave
They killed the lunatic
So the good folks all are safe

They killed the lunatic
But not a person sheds a tear
Cause with the mad man in his grave
There's nothing left to fear

But the lunatics are loose
And a sane man aren't to hide
Cause he knows the things
a man can do to folks they can't abide


3층 창문으로
그가 탈출하는 걸 봤어
미치광이가 도망치자
경비원이 쫓아갔어

그의 눈을 보면
미쳤다는 걸 알 수 있었어
비명에 겁먹은 아이들은
도망쳐 숨었어

갈 곳을 찾아
미치광이는 달리고
사람들은 뒤쫓았어
만약 잡히면
구경거리가 되겠지

한 사람이 멈춰서
숨을 고르더니
경찰을 불렀어
미치광이가 돌아다니면
무슨 일이 생길지 모르니까

미치광이가 돌아다니면
제정신인 사람들은 숨어야 해
용납할 수 없는 짓을
미치광이가 저질렀다고들 하거든

경찰이 와서 함께 뒤쫓았고
그는 구석에 몰렸어
미치광이는 벌벌 떨면서
고개와 어깨를 떨구고 있었어

하지만 사람들이 몰려들어
그를 죽도록 짓밟았어
그래서 미치광이는 죽고
이제 사람들은 모두 안전해

미치광이는 죽었지만
아무도 눈물 흘리지 않았어
그가 무덤에 묻혔으니
두려워할 것도 없었어

미치광이가 돌아다녀도
제정신인 사람은 숨을 필요 없어
용납할 수 없는 짓을 저지르는 건
바로 제정신인 사람이니까

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