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- Elliott Murphy -

Aquashow (1973)


I saw your mother downtown yesterday
She didn't know me
and her hair was gray
She told me all her kids had run away
They called at Christmas time
but really what's left to say

And now the neighbors
don't talk no more
Late at night she listens to the wind
under the door
and the cracks in the floor

Oh guess who I ran into
in the waiting room
You know they used to say
that kid was born with a silver spoon
He told me that he left
his home way too soon

Cause no one ever told him
about the power of a real full moon
And then he stopped
and just closed his eyes
And whispered please could
someone help him get outside

Don't tell me you don't hear
that hometown calling you
Cause you know what baby
You're still doing all the same things
you used to do
Darling, you never used to
wait till tomorrow
And now you can't wait at all

Hey what's the news
in the fashion world
Is it long or short
Is it straight or curled

Does it pull all my last years
in a different world
Does it tell your mother
how long ago she was a girl
And even churchmen
are wearing stripes
And all the hometown girls are
getting in much too late tonight
I guess they gave up the fight


어제 시내에서 너희 엄마 봤어
어머니는 날 모르시는데
머리가 하얗게 세셨더라
자식들은 모두 도망가고
크리스마스에 전화했다는데
무슨 할 말이 있었겠어

그리고 이웃 사람들은
더 이상 말을 안 걸고
늦은 밤 문틈과
부서진 마룻바닥에서 불어오는
바람소리만 들린대

내가 대합실에서
누구 만났는지 알아?
금수저 집안에서
태어났다는 애 있잖아
그 애는 집을
너무 일찍 떠났대

진정한 보름달의 힘에 대해
아무도 말해주지 않았거든
그리고 멈춰 서더니
눈을 감고 속삭였어
밖으로 나갈 수 있도록
제발 누가 좀 도와달라고

고향이 그립지 않은 건
아닐 거야
넌 예전과 같은
똑같은 일을
아직도 하고 있으니 말이야
넌 절대 내일까지
기다리지 못했었잖아
이제는 기다릴 시간이 없어

요즘 패션은
뭐가 유행이야?
긴 거? 짧은 거?
스트레이트? 컬?

내가 작년에 입었던 건
다 한물갔니?
너희 엄마 젊었을 적
패션이 유행이니?
요새는 성직자도
줄무늬 옷을 입더라
오늘 밤 고향 여자애들은 모두
아주 늦게 들어올 거야
싸움을 포기했나 봐

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