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- Fachada de Piedra & Spiders -

En Vivo (1994)


Maybe oh if I could pray and I try, dear
You might come back home to me
Maybe oh if I could ever
hold your little hand
Oh you might understand
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe

Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, dear
I might have done something wrong
I'd be glad to admit it
Oh, come on home to me
Honey maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe

But I know that it just
doesn't ever seem to matter
Oh baby when I go out
Or what I'm trying to do
Can't you see I'm still in love with you
And I'm all alone in needing you

Please, please, please, please
Oh won't you reconsider babe
Now come on, I said come back
Come back, come back to me

Maybe dear, oh maybe, maybe, maybe
Let me help you show me how
And honey maybe, maybe, maybe


내가 기도하고 노력한다면
당신이 내게 돌아올지도 몰라요
내가 당신의 작은
손을 잡을 수 있다면
당신이 이해할 수 있을지 몰라요

내가 잘못을 했더라도
기꺼이 시인하겠어요
내게 돌아와 줘요
혹시라도 말이에요

하지만 내가 외출을 하거나
아무리 애를 써도
그건 문제가 되지
않는다는 걸 알아요
아직도 당신을 사랑한다는 걸 모르나요
당신을 원하며 이렇게 외로이 있어요

제발 제발 제발
다시 생각해 볼 수는 없나요
이제 다시 돌아와 줘요
돌아와 줘요

사랑을 드러내는 걸
내가 도와 줄 수 있을지 몰라요

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