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  Antonello Venditti - Jodi E La Scimmietta  
  Snow Geese - Blackhawk (Cedrich Allrunner)  
  Russell Morris - Jail Jonah's Daughter  
  The Seldom Scene - Wait A Minute  
  Mad Fables - Ounce Of Love  
  Bob Rains - Lighten Up People  
  Bob Lucas - Gypsy Holiday  
  Larry Towell - River Song (Ode To The Sydenham)  
  Jim Dawson - Once Was A Time I Thought / Now And Then  
  Tony Capstick with Hedgehog Pie - Hello Hans  
  Tim Koller - New World Comin'  
  Kevin Johnson - Iridescent Shadows  
  Potter St. Cloud - Open Letter  
  Srdan Marjanovic - Nauci Da Plivas  
  Estrella De Marzo - Maestro  
  Original Sloth Band - Gimme A Pigfoot  
  Dan Johnson - Mooney  
  Y - Silver Screen Betty  
  Doug Ashdown - Mouse I & II  
  The Pretty Things - Belfast Cowboys/Bruise In The Sky  
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