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Bill Lowry - Mystery
Mystery (1979)
  Πασχάλης - Το Τραγούδι Μου  
  Mick Greenwood - All Aboard The Train  
  Jimmy Campbell - Snow Covered Street  
  Jiva - I Know What You Came From  
  Candle Factory - I Wish  
  Jonathan Kelly - Living Together  
  Kaputter Hamster - Quarters For The Nite  
  Kazuki Tomokawa - 石森さん  
  Peter Berkow & Friends - Old Guitars  
  Noah Zacharin - Clear As The Air  
  Jeff Cowell - No Echo  
  Bill Amesbury - Billy's Song  
  B.W. Stevenson - Lonesome Song  
  Isokyna Lindholm & Orfeus - Maalaus  
  Bill LaBounty - Little Rivers  
  Grupo de Experimentacion Sonora del ICAIC - Campesina  
  Seatrain - Rondo  
  Fausto - Denuncia Involuntaria Da Atraccao  
  Nito Mestre - Mientras No Tenga Miedo De Hablar  
  Herman Van Veen - Morgen Ben Ik Op De Maan  
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